Crystal Care


Keeping your crystals in their natural state requires cleaning and recharging so they can continue to benefit you. Crystals should generally be cleaned once a month; however, you may want to clean them more often if you feel they are being negatively influenced.

Guide to cleansing and purifying your crystals:

1. Sunlight
Leave your crystals out in daylight on the windowsill for 30 minutes. It burns off any negative energy and refills your crystals with sprightliness.

2. Moonlight 
Bath your crystals under the brightest moonlight to restore their light. Place them overnight to let your crystals fully absorb to their most radiant form.

3. Mineral Water
Rinse and wash your crystals with mineral water to remove the negativity out of your crystals. It is best to run them with water and be gentle with them.

4. Sound
The sound sends vibrations into the environment, penetrating the crystals' structure. This is best for a large number of crystals to be cleansed at once. Using a singing bowl will be most effective.

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