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Scent is at the heart of our brand. We are proud to use only the highest grade of therapeutic essential oil to create our custom blends. We love hearing about your favourite scents, and we've discovered that many people are looking for new ways to enjoy them—especially with diffusers! So today we're going to go over some of our favourite ways to use reed diffusers to make your home or office smell great.

The scent is absorbed by the reeds. They are made of fibre and have a lifespan of 12~16 weeks (depending on the number of reeds used). This type of diffuser is not only long-lasting, but also simple to refill. Simply unscrew the diffuser cap, remove all of your old reeds (don't throw them away!), and refill them!

The box is made entirely of recycled materials and is intended to protect the flask during mailing. It's also made with an eco-friendly adhesive, so when you open the package, there won't be any glue residue on your hands!
Our flasks are made of glass and are bubble wrapped before shipping. If you're concerned about how fragile these items can be, rest assured that our packaging does an excellent job: no one has ever reported receiving a damaged order!

Blending of scents
You're probably interested in scent blending because you want to create your own unique blend of essential oils. This is possible with our Reed Diffusers. To begin, we add the reed oil base to a beaker, followed by the essential oils for the blend. We like to make sure that each scent, like all of our products, is made from only high quality ingredients so that your home is filled with only the best fragrances!
Our scents are handcrafted in small batches and packaged by hand. So, how does this affect you? It means you can be confident that the ingredients in your reed diffuser were carefully chosen and blended with therapeutic grade essential oils. The packaging is also environmentally friendly and recyclable, so there's no need to feel guilty!
Our reed diffusers also contain ethically sourced crystals mined from their natural source of origin, which means they won't leach lead or other toxins into your home—or harm any animals in the process.


We can't wait to share our custom-blended scents with you! We have a large selection of reed diffusers that are suitable for any occasion. Our fragrance blending team has worked hard to create the perfect balance of notes in each scent, ensuring that you have a truly personalised experience every time.

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