Labradorite Crystal Bracelet

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Labradorite Crystal Bracelet
Size: 7mm
Wrist Length: 18cm

Labradorite may be considered a stone filled to the brim with mystical energy, but it's also a great stone for grounding in when it comes to physical healing. In regards to respiratory health, Labradorite shines as a healing crystal. This stone encourages total health and well-being by promoting blood circulation, breathing, and lungs, inviting you to breathe deeply as you say yes to life. In the journey to wellness, the healing hands of Labradorite may be helpful to those suffering from bronchitis and other respiratory issues. Labradorite may be especially beneficial to the lungs, but it doesn't end there. You can also use it to keep your digestion healthy, regulate your metabolism, and keep your metabolism running smoothly. This gentle stone can also assist those suffering from PMS and painful periods in keeping pain and tension at bay. Furthermore, it treats rheumatism and gout-related problems.

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