Lava Stone Bracelet


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Lava Stone Bracelet
Size: 8mm
Wrist Length: 18cm

The Lava Stone is an excellent tool for relaxing one's emotions. Because it is made of raw energy, it represents rebirth and shedding unnecessary layers of emotional attachment. Fire's physical embodiment is the Lava Stone. Lava Stone is the only rock known to have been formed from nothing but fire, so it provides strength and power, as well as strength and clarity of thought, to those who have difficulty making decisions or are timid of other healing gemstones. It's recommended you wear your lava stone as close to the skin as possible. This allows better absorption, giving it easier access so that the energy can flow. To clear negative emotions, it's said you should wear a bracelet so that the stones are close to your pulse.

Every product in the store was photographed under natural light with real objects. There may be some deviations due to personal perceptions of colour. The final colour of the product is dependent on the product in kind, and it is not a product quality issue.


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