Diffuser Care


A Reed Diffuser can provide a relaxing effect in a living area without the use of flame or candle warmers. In order to release a clean and pure fragrance throughout your living space, we use natural fibre to meet the criteria. 

Our reed diffusers are hand-poured and formulated to give off the maximum fragrance. Every reed diffuser comes with fibre reed sticks, conical flask filled with oil diffusers and a packet of crystals. 

To maximise your reed diffusers, simply avoid placing your reed diffusers from direct sunlight and turning the reeds once a week to release a new wave of scent.

When you first receive your reed diffuser, let the reed sticks sit in the oil for one hour before turning the reeds. This will ensure that the reeds are fully soaked with essential oils. 

Ensure that your reed diffusers are placed in a place where curious children or pets won't knock it over. It should also be kept well away from electrical appliances in case of spills.

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